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[ale]OT It begins...

ChangingLINKS.com wrote:

>I did not mean to sound like I *support* the practice of spamming. 
>At least not in this context. "Ethics" aside, I admit that deep down I have 
>some admiration for some of them insofar as their ability to be creative, 
>persistent, innovative, ambitious, self-sufficient, focused, and the fact 
>that they won the war with that spam blacklist site (forgot the name) so 
>I saw a guy who struggled learning Windows do $40K in 3 months.
>He built a reputation for himself selling reputations, and continued to earn 
>money on word of mouth. Saw another guy buy a (big) house in Stone Mountain 
>basically doing the same thing. It's just a sharp contrast to the people that 
>are going to work at a low paying job, or those that complain of lost job 
>opportunities in the US. To each his own.
 From Thoeau's Life Without Principle:

"It is not enough to tell me that you worked hard to get your gold. So 
does the Devil work hard."