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[ale] USB->IDE problems

Oh ... your dealing with users !

Is electrify device on open an option :-) ?

If not I would think twice about mounting a filesystem.
Disk file systems are often really touchy when you remove their
device. Often the reaction is to panic and halt the kernel.
( I have not looked at the linux fs code in a while so I might
be totally wrong here)

Take a look at mtools - it may do what you want without mounting
the device.


> On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 17:58, Geoffrey wrote:
> > Okay, so maybe my comparison is inappropriate, but what's wrong with:
> > 
> > sync
> > umount
> > disconnect drive
> > 
> > I don't see any difference between that and say a removable device such 
> > as a zip.
> > 
> > Where's the flaw in my thought process?
> There is no flaw in your thought process.  If I was a user I would do
> the same thing.  The problem is that this USB drive or thumb drive will
> be on a embedded network management device.  The user may wish to make a
> backup of the logs or view them so they will walk into the data center
> and unplug the drive from the rear of the unit.  When they are done they
> will plug it in.  If there were to unmount it, that would require them
> to login to the device as an admin. In Winbloze I can unplug and plug my
> hot plug devices all day long.  This is a setup I need to replicate
> under Linux.
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