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[ale] USB->IDE problems

well mount in most cases, i have a sony cam that acts as a digital storage
device, unfortunately it mounts read only, i know you can write to it in
linux ive done it before but my more recent install was automated by
software so must be a bad driver or something, still mounts it! just no
write, then theres the nomad zen i got, pfft doesnt work at all, the
driver talks to it enough to make it think its about to recieve files but
then the software on the comp crashes and the nomad never knows and stays
in that mode till you do something about it, theres my usb flash drive on
my keychain, my usb webcam. in fact i think i have something like 5
devices and the only 2 i can get good drivers for is my sony cam and my
keyboard :-p if it counts. but hey linux is working on it so sometime soon
we'll be all good :D when the nomad gets hacked that will be kick ass, an
arm cpu and some nice goodies! kinda a palm with a hard disk. thats why i
want that mini computer with a usb port, i want to see (assuming i can
find something decent) how small i can make a linux box myself :D

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