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[ale] USB->IDE problems

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 17:58, Geoffrey wrote:
> Okay, so maybe my comparison is inappropriate, but what's wrong with:
> sync
> umount
> disconnect drive
> I don't see any difference between that and say a removable device such 
> as a zip.
> Where's the flaw in my thought process?

There is no flaw in your thought process.  If I was a user I would do
the same thing.  The problem is that this USB drive or thumb drive will
be on a embedded network management device.  The user may wish to make a
backup of the logs or view them so they will walk into the data center
and unplug the drive from the rear of the unit.  When they are done they
will plug it in.  If there were to unmount it, that would require them
to login to the device as an admin. In Winbloze I can unplug and plug my
hot plug devices all day long.  This is a setup I need to replicate
under Linux.