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[ale] Open Source Apps

On Friday 16 January 2004 10:26 pm, Jim Popovitch wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 22:20, Geoffrey wrote:
> > You mean we like tweaking our OS and they like reinstalling theirs.
> Nope.  They don't deal with it, they push it off on to some admin in
> their company or back at they bought it from.  I think they call that
> "having a life".  ;)
> -Jim P.

"Having a life" also includes spending a great deal of your time 
(irreplaceable moments) earning the money to pay someone else to deal with 
the things you refuse to resolve for yourself.  That's not having a life, 
it's wasting one.  ;)

A great example was a co-worker told me he bought a new truck because he said 
he works on cars all day, and he didn't want to "waste" his time working on 
his own cars for "free".  He said my old junkers take too much of my time in 

 I challenged him to compare my time spent on maintenance x my pay rate vs. 
his payments and extra insurance.  Knowing that I was unlikely to spend more 
than 50 hrs a year working on my cars, I had him beat after less than two 
payments.  I told him that all he accomplished was spending MORE time doing a 
job he hates to earn the extra money needed to "save time", while thinking he 
was spending less time on it.  I asked him why it made sense to spend $25k to 
save an average of 1 hour a week.  He called me "insane" and said I needed to 
"get a life!"  

Funny though, that while he was working overtime to pay for his "time saving" 
toys, I was leaving early to spend time in my home with my wonderful wife, 
not needing all that extra cash and all!  :-)

"If that's what it's all about, good luck moving up, because I'm moving out!"

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