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[ale] EMC Notes and Docs?

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Robert L. Harris wrote:

>   I may be getting to play with an EMC box.  Does anyone have any notes,
> docs etc.  I have an "EMC Equipment List" which starts off with:
> 3830-36		SYM 3830 36GB FRAME

Looks like an EMC Symmetrix 3830.

> Anyone have any ideas or Leads?  We don't have support yet but we're
> looking into what's required before we even touch it (we do own it
> though after Lease buy out).

Check out the Tech Links on http://www.emc.com. I imagine you will want to
review teh Symmetrix architecture, SymCLI, PowerPATH (If you are using
EMC's DMP software), and possible Control Center. Hoep this help!

> :wq!
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