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[ale] EMC Notes and Docs?

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Greg Freemyer wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 11:05, Robert L. Harris wrote:
> >   I may be getting to play with an EMC box.  Does anyone have any notes,
> > docs etc.  I have an "EMC Equipment List" which starts off with:
> >
> > 3830-36		SYM 3830 36GB FRAME
> >
> > Anyone have any ideas or Leads?  We don't have support yet but we're
> > looking into what's required before we even touch it (we do own it
> > though after Lease buy out).
> >
> EMC has 2 lines: Clarion and Symetrix
> The Clarion is their low-end line.
> Symmetrix is high-end.
> You apparently have a Symetrix.
> Historically, even when you buy a Sym, EMC keeps the key to the chassis
> door.

Well, when EMC sells a Symmetrix, they sell a managed storage
solution. This usually includes provisioning the Sym and the storage per
the customers requirements. EMC is also responsible for proactively monitoring
their devices. If customers went about updating bin files, moving FAs/DAs,
it wouldn't be a managed service. If you want scalable stable storage that
you can put your hands on, the Clarion line of storage may suit you better.
EMC makes some rock solid high performance gear!

> My understanding is that there are only 2 ways to get the key;
>     1) Drop your support contract (propably not a good idea)
>     2) Go thru their training and get certified.

The EMC training is actually pretty good, and most of it is available
through CBTs. I am slated to attend a Control Center, Timefinder and SRDF
class this quarter, and can let you know how they were if your interested.

> I know someone who did the later.  He said he was one of a very small
> group of people in the country outside of EMC that had done that.
> Over the last year and a half, EMC has been trying to be more customer
> friendly, so maybe they have changed this policy.
> Greg
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