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[ale] cheapest DSL service... ?

Jeff Layton wrote:
>   I'll second the comments about Bellsouth. Every problem I ever
> had with Bellsouth was always their problem. However, they
> always blamed me and threatened to charge hugs sums of money
> to come out and look at their equipment ($85 for the first half-hour,
> $50 for every half-hour after that. I can see some Bellsouth flunky
> taking a nap in his truck and charging me for it).

They are your typical monopoly.  I have a two line phone.  When a line 
is busy, it lights up.  Noticed it on one day when I was the only one in 
the house.  I picked it up and I hear this guy on the line talking trash 
to some girl.  I said hello and the guy tells the girl he'll call her 
back and hangs up.  Long story shorter, it was a Bellsouth guy on the 
pole in my front yard.  Told me they do that all the time.  I got the 
guys supervisor's # and left 5-6 messages, he never returned my call.

Just last month, I was trying to get call busy forward setup on my line. 
  I talked to 7 people, all of who gave me different timeframes in which 
it would be working.  The last person I talked to was a supervisor.  I 
told her I ought to take my service else where.  Her comment was 'would 
you like me to connect you?'  I said, to what?  she said, 'to customer 
service to disconnect your service.'

They bloody don't care.  Any time I have the opportunity to put my money 
elsewhere, I'll do it.

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

Building secure systems inspite of Microsoft