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[ale] cheapest DSL service... ?

Dow Hurst wrote:

> If you want a more reliable and Linux friendly service, I would 
> definitely go with Speakeasy.  I've wanted to switch but Earthlink works 
> well enough that I don't want to change my email or deal with any outage 
> problems.  I still have this on the ToDo list at a low priority.  The 
> next long outage might force me over the edge! ;-)

I'd highly suggest Speedfactory.  The few times I've had some outages, 
by the time I got them on the phone and started to research the problem, 
it was corrected.  That's not to say I sit on hold a long time either. 
I'd say 50% I get a person the other 50% I'm on hold less than 1 minute. 
The biggest issue I've had with them was when they moved my mail 
services from one box to another and I had to reset passwords.

> Also, an account with Linux support, better reliability, no PPPoE or 
> PPPoA, and static IP is worth a significant extra cost in my opinion.

That would be Speedfactory.  And they are the only OTHER provider in 
this area that does IFITL besides Bellsouth.

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

Building secure systems inspite of Microsoft