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[ale] cheapest DSL service... ?

Though they are not the cheapest when speaking in terms of cash money, I 
feel the speakeasy's DSL service is the best deal around.  I am provided 
the service I wish by intelligent and polite people who have 
consistantly delivered what they promise.  During the time I've had 
their service I have experienced two outages, both connected to 
significant upgrades to my service.  At no extra cost to me my line has 
gone from ~600/128 kbs to ~1.5m/368kbs during the time I've been a 
customer.  I am willing to suffer a few hours of downtime for a free 
increase in service.  I like the way Speakeasy does business.

Serivices I enjoy:
multiple static ips
secondary dns (slave) hosting
mail queue up to ten megs on those domains if my home mail server is 
down....wouldn't want to miss any spam...
intelligent tech support availability in under two minutes EVERY time 
I've called in two years.
low latency to every host I've ever tried to connect to.
willingness to at least TRY to support a given OS, and certainly no 
fairly good top level spam filtering
freedom to provide a wireless access point.
free membership to a file achive service...fileshack...like fileplanet.
they never call me to sell me additional services

You get what you pay for and TANSTAAFL.

Also, Speakeasy's network is backed by Internap, which is headquarted in 
Atlanta and uses linux heavily...in case that matters.