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[ale] OT: Cheap part hight shipping

I do a LOT more selling than buying on eBay and in my auctions I do one
of two things:  1) I charge no shipping at all; 2) I charge ACTUAL
shipping (and insurance, if warranted) based on the buyer's address.  I
just recently made a couple of eBay buys and for one of them, I felt
that the shipping charge was a bit unwarranted.  The only thing I can
say is that you can complain to eBay about the practice or you can avoid
patronizing the sellers who do it - and let them know why!

- Jeff

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 15:00, kafka at antichri.st wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 02:51:13PM -0500, Dow Hurst wrote:
> > That really isn't the answer.  Ebay should have a policy 
> > about shipping charges that covers this situation.  The Ebay 
> > cut of the selling price versus shipping charges acting as 
> > profit is the real problem.  Especially on lower priced items!
> > Dow
> Well, that's no doubt a concern to sellers - but it's also the terms of 
> using ebay, who also need to make money.  Those terms are clearly defined 
> for all sellers, who make their own choices as to whether, and as to what, 
> they offer on ebay.  Now, charging an exorbitant shipping price might be 
> justifiable *if the seller is up-front about the charge*, but my 
> impression was that this wasn't the case here, even though the seller is 
> admittedly apparently acting in good faith now.
> --George
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