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[ale] OT: Cheap part hight shipping

I just ranting about an experience.

I like to purchase computer stuff from ebay.  Typically usb devices,
anything.  One thing that bothers me is that people will charge a very
low price for a product but the shipping is outrageous.  I'm not sure if
it is illegal but IMHO it is bad business. I have an experience.

I am in the market for USB -> Serial adapters.  I need many of them.  I
found this auction on ebay for one that was $3.99 (BIN) but it had $8.95
S&H.  To me those little things should not cost that much to ship.  If I
bought more I would have to pay $6.95 for each aditional one just to
cover shipping.  I decided to contact the seller.  He had many of these

We need a large number of these units so I wanted the best pricing.  He 
offered me 100 at $9.60 that included shipping.  I offered to pick them
up locally at his place in MN to save on the S&H.  They do not offer
local pickup.  So I offered to use our shipping account to I can pay
$3.99/ea and not have to pay those high ship rates.  He decided to lower
the price to $8.60 with free shipping.  I then asked him why he was
charging me $5.00/ea to throw the item into a large box.  I've have not
heard back.