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[ale] OT: Cheap part hight shipping

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 02:51:13PM -0500, Dow Hurst wrote:
> That really isn't the answer.  Ebay should have a policy 
> about shipping charges that covers this situation.  The Ebay 
> cut of the selling price versus shipping charges acting as 
> profit is the real problem.  Especially on lower priced items!
> Dow

Well, that's no doubt a concern to sellers - but it's also the terms of 
using ebay, who also need to make money.  Those terms are clearly defined 
for all sellers, who make their own choices as to whether, and as to what, 
they offer on ebay.  Now, charging an exorbitant shipping price might be 
justifiable *if the seller is up-front about the charge*, but my 
impression was that this wasn't the case here, even though the seller is 
admittedly apparently acting in good faith now.