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[ale] [OT] LaserJet 4 toner cartridge replacement

Darn, I paid 200 for mine, same results though.

Walter Sams
> Man, I *LOVE* this printer. I've got an Epson Stylus and an HP OJ600,
> both inkjets, and it was really a pain to get either of them to work
> well with Linux (and they're not so great under Windows either --
> Inkjets just suck -- too many moving parts, I guess). Within half an
> hour of plugging in the LJ4 to the network, I had it printing from
> *every* machine in the house. I got it for $145 (including shipping)
> on eBay, with a page-count of 225K, and it still prints beautiful,
> sharp pages. If/when it breaks, I'll look for another HP JetDirect
> product. There's another one available on eBay right now, identically
> configured, but with a 70K page count. I'd recommend it to anyone who
> needs a printer that will Just Work.
> Cheers,
> -- Joe