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[ale] [OT] LaserJet 4 toner cartridge replacement

A long time ago, (03.01.04), in a galaxy far, far away, Joe Knapka wrote:

:=I've come into posession of a network-capable LaserJet 4,
:=which I intend to use to print from every machine in the
:=house (Linux, BSD, Windog). However, II do not have a manual
:=for this beastie, and it's not obvious how to (A) install
:=the toner cartridge, or (B) configure it on the network
:=(though I assume it will acquire an address via dhcp).
:=I've spent the past hour looking for on-line docs with
:=no luck; all I've found is offers to buy a dead-tree
:=manual at exorbitant prices. Does anyone know where
:=I might find documentation for this thing without
:=paying an arm and a leg?

I seem to remember a semi-intuitive interface from the LCD display and
buttons on the unit.  I believe they could use DHCP, but we had ours
statically configured way back when.

Replacing the toner cartridge should be fairly simple as well . . . open the
front/top of the unit, pull out old cartridge, put in new one.  If you can
get an official boxed toner cartridge, it should have printed instructions
in it (at least I think that was the paper that I kept throwing away way
back when).

As an aside, the HP LaserJets were pretty spiffy and if you find you don't
like it, I know of a good home for it ;-)

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