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[ale] [OT] LaserJet 4 toner cartridge replacement

I use jet direct boxes with all my printers including a lj4 which came
network ready  ie had the jet direct built in.  Set the ip address as
static and let linux set up for jet direct printing.

toners just pop in the front door, piece of cake

does a good job printing

If you cant find documents from HP website I would give ebay a shot.

Walter Sams
On Sat, 2004-01-03 at 19:29, Joe Knapka wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've come into posession of a network-capable LaserJet 4,
> which I intend to use to print from every machine in the
> house (Linux, BSD, Windog). However, II do not have a manual
> for this beastie, and it's not obvious how to (A) install
> the toner cartridge, or (B) configure it on the network
> (though I assume it will acquire an address via dhcp).
> I've spent the past hour looking for on-line docs with
> no luck; all I've found is offers to buy a dead-tree
> manual at exorbitant prices. Does anyone know where
> I might find documentation for this thing without
> paying an arm and a leg?
> Thanks,
> -- Joe
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