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[ale] Gigabyte MoBo RAID and RH-7.2

Stuffed Crust wrote:
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  On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 10:13:17PM -0500, John Mills wrote:
    I am configuring a new Athlon-based system using the Gigabyte GA-7DXR+mother board. This board include the 'Promise Technology' PDC20276on-board RAID controller which can drive the two 20 GBy HDDs in striped ormirrored mode. A conventional IDE interface is also available. I wouldlike to use the drives in striped RAID configuration.
    One word: Don't.Promise has binary-only drivers available for some distributions (andold kernels at that) but there's a driver in 2.4.10+ that may or may notwork.The onb-ard RAID controller is a pure software-based RAID, thatbasically does everything in the driver.  The only advantage it offersover the Linux kernel RAID is that the the RAID array is cross-platform.
Ah, that's the kicker right there.
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      If you're not going to run Windows (and make the array with NTFS orFAT32) on this box, save yourself a lot of pain and just use the kernelRAID instead. 
Maybe that's why no one has busted buns to write the driver; why do it when
kernel RAID is sitting there?
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        The same goes for the Highpoint controllers.  Of course, I also think that RAID0 is an abobination, and only good forbragging rights -- until one drive goes down and you lose the entirearray.
Yeah, that's true, but there may be times when you want "ludicrous speed"
from your drives and you're willing to get it at the expense of reliability.
??Thankfully, many RAID controllers (dunno if kernel RAID does this yet) will
let you make stripe sets out of mirrors or vice versa such that you can get
that speed and still be able to lose one or more drives.
- Jeff
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           - Pizza