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[ale] Gigabyte MoBo RAID and RH-7.2

On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 11:44:58PM -0500, Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> Maybe that's why no one has busted buns to write the driver; why do it 
> when kernel RAID is sitting there?

...especially when the kernel raid has been extensively tested ans is
known to be extemely reliable.  :)
You can't hot-swap drives with the onboard controllers, you can't add
and remove drives to the array (on the fly) with the onboard
controllers.. etc.

> Yeah, that's true, but there may be times when you want "ludicrous 
> speed" from your drives and you're willing to get it at the expense of 
> reliability.  Thankfully, many RAID controllers (dunno if kernel RAID 
> does this yet) will let you make stripe sets out of mirrors or vice 
> versa such that you can get that speed and still be able to lose one or 
> more drives.

Oh, the kernel has let you do that for quite some time now.   RAID5 a
set of RAID5 arrays?  No problem.  :)

But in all seriousness, single drive transfer rates are exceeding 40
MB/sec, so you're rarely hurting for sustanied transfer speeds.  RAID0
doesn't boost average access times either -- because you're striping,
both drives generally need to be doing the same thing at the same time
so you can't have 'em seeking individually -- and that's what really
boosts performance.  Average I/Os per second.  

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