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[ale] Gigabyte MoBo RAID and RH-7.2

On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 10:13:17PM -0500, John Mills wrote:
> I am configuring a new Athlon-based system using the Gigabyte GA-7DXR+
> mother board. This board include the 'Promise Technology' PDC20276
> on-board RAID controller which can drive the two 20 GBy HDDs in striped or
> mirrored mode. A conventional IDE interface is also available. I would
> like to use the drives in striped RAID configuration.

One word: Don't.

Promise has binary-only drivers available for some distributions (and
old kernels at that) but there's a driver in 2.4.10+ that may or may not

The onb-ard RAID controller is a pure software-based RAID, that
basically does everything in the driver.  The only advantage it offers
over the Linux kernel RAID is that the the RAID array is cross-platform.

If you're not going to run Windows (and make the array with NTFS or
FAT32) on this box, save yourself a lot of pain and just use the kernel
RAID instead. 

The same goes for the Highpoint controllers.  

Of course, I also think that RAID0 is an abobination, and only good for
bragging rights -- until one drive goes down and you lose the entire

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