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[ale] Gigabyte MoBo RAID and RH-7.2

John Mills wrote:

>ALErs -
>I may have missed a recent thread on this: excuse me - the box in question
>landed in front of me this afternoon.
>I am configuring a new Athlon-based system using the Gigabyte GA-7DXR+
>mother board. This board include the 'Promise Technology' PDC20276
>on-board RAID controller which can drive the two 20 GBy HDDs in striped or
>mirrored mode. A conventional IDE interface is also available. I would
>like to use the drives in striped RAID configuration.
>I wish to install RH-7.2, but have not been able to configure the drives
>so they are recognized as being present by the RH installer. (It _can_ see
>the drives when they are connected to the IDE controller.)
>I came up dry at Linuxdocs.
>Any insight on this would be welcomed.
> - John Mills
A Google search didn't look too good.  Someone appears to have asked 
about it on the kernel mailing list in January and it doesn't look like 
anyone has responded.

- Jeff

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