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[ale] Need a PHP/MySQL intern...

I've looked at Zope but find it a bit too invasive, especially its persistence model. Basically it carries some of 
the same downside as PHP does for me. I have seen some really good systems done in Zope, however, and 
I'm sure its a strong product but its not what I'm looking for.

	regards & later,

		Ben Scherrey

3/13/2002 6:44:42 AM, Joseph A Knapka <jknapka at earthlink.net> wrote:
>You might look at Zope and Zope Page Templates. Zope rocks;
>it's a free web application server implemented mostly in
>Python: <http:www.zope.org>. ZPT allows you to achieve nearly
>100% separation between presentation, content, and logic,
>and allows application logic to be implemented in Python or
>(so I believe, though I haven't tried it) Perl.
>I haven't actually used ZPT in production yet, but I plan to
>convert an existing client's Zope site to use ZPT in the near

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