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[ale] Need a PHP/MySQL intern...

First off, PHP/MySQL appears quite adequate for the job. However, intermixing the content and logic in the 
same files and the difficulty of setting up an organizational structure that I feel comfortable with are downsides 
to doing anything too complex with PHP that you want to be able to change often and quickly. Also, PHP 
requires that you have an apache system running and sometimes that's just too much extra stuff to provide an 
http pipe.

Python supports the kind of organizational structures that I like. XML/XSLT lets me seperate the content out 
and be more dynamic within the context of my program structure. I haven't investigated the XML/XSLT 
support within Python enough to confirm its the solution that I want but I have good reason to believe that its 
close enough to allow me to build what I need. Python is also a better open standard language and lends 
itself to non-web-specific development. I need this general language support for some of the non-web things I 
want to accomplish eventually.

Postgres vs. MySQL is easy enough. Postgres supports OO concepts better and has much better transaction 
support and administration facilities for large deployments. Python has a pretty good "database independent" 
interface that will allow us to move between the two faster than PHP (although there are downsides to this 
approach and the mysql/postgres calls within PHP don't seem to be that different).

For now, however, it looks like we'll have the PHP-based system for a while. Its been quite reliable and pretty 
quick to implement in.

		Ben Scherrey

3/13/2002 6:23:59 AM, John Wells <jbwellsiv at yahoo.com> wrote:

>For curiosity's sake, why are you considering changing
>from PHP/MySql to Python/XML/Postgres?

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