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[ale] 1U server prices

Anybody out there currently buying 1U servers locally? I am just doing some
price checking and the best I have found is as follows:

1U Rack Mount Case w/200W  PS
1.0 GHz P-III with Copper Heatsink w/fan
256 PC-133 Ram
WD400 40 gig drive
52X cdrom
3 1/2 floppy
Intel NIC on board
Video on board
5 internal cooling fans(look like 1 1/2 in)

Basically $800.00

RH 7.2 literally flies on this thing and I am looking to replace numerous
web, DNS, FTP and other servers with these. I will be substituting the 52X
cd with an additional HD for redundancy which will bump the price up around

Anybody aware of a better deal? I would prefer to buy pre-built but might
be interested in build yourself if price difference was substantial.

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