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[ale] RPM DB Problems

On 3 Mar 2002, Michael Golden wrote:

> 	I subscribe to the Mandrake Cooker development list and this issue has
> gone through there before. None of the mirrors currently support apt
> because for some reason they stopped updating the package lists that apt
> uses and urpmi uses a different format. This occured sometime around
> December or January.

Did you try that Norwegian site pointed from the HOWTO?  I don't mandrake, 
so I have no idea if it's current, but it is still apt-get'able.

> I have run this over and over again. It does not appear to ever actually
> delete the header because when I run "rpm -qa" again I get the same
> error with the same package except that the header instance number has
> moved up by 4. I repeat with the new number and it again moves up by 4.

Do you have multiple instances installed?

rpm -e --allmatches kdetoys

to clobber all of 'em.


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