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[ale] Broadcast Radio Station

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002 hirsch at zapmedia.com wrote:

> James P. Kinney III writes:
>  > Shoutcast has clients for Linux, Windows and Mac.
> Icecast (icecast.com) is an open source clone of Shoutcast.  WMP will
> play shoutcast and icecast streams.

And it works very well.  If you connect to WREK's broadcast, for example,
that's streamed by an icecast server I'm running on a Solaris box at Georgia
Tech.  In WREK's case, we're also doing a much lower-fidelity stream using
an old Real server as well (for people using things like WebTV or older
AOHELL which cannot do streaming mp3).  At any rate, decide what platform /
browser combos you want to be able to access the station, then test them
against WREK <http://www.wrek.org/> to make sure that Icecast will work for


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