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[ale] RPM DB Problems

Hello all,
	Perhaps you may know how to fix this problem. Since Mandrake doesn't
like to support apt anymore I'm forced to use urpmi. Now, I can't even
use it to do updates anymore however because apparently something broke
my rpm database and so urpmi segfaults on it. So, here is the problem:

[root at naugrim michael]# rpm --initdb
rpmdb: Overflow page 2070 of invalid type
rpmdb: Overflow page 2605 of invalid type
error: db3 error(-30985) from db->verify: DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database
verification failed
[root at naugrim michael]# rpm --rebuilddb
error: rpmdb: damaged header instance #357 retrieved, skipping.
Segmentation fault

Any ideas?
Michael Golden <naugrimk at yahoo.com>
GnuPG Public Key: 1F8BDBDE

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