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[ale] RPM DB Problems

Michael Golden wrote:
> Hello all,
> 	Perhaps you may know how to fix this problem. Since Mandrake doesn't
> like to support apt anymore I'm forced to use urpmi. Now, I can't even
> use it to do updates anymore however because apparently something broke
> my rpm database and so urpmi segfaults on it. So, here is the problem:
> [root at naugrim michael]# rpm --initdb
> rpmdb: Overflow page 2070 of invalid type
> rpmdb: Overflow page 2605 of invalid type
> error: db3 error(-30985) from db->verify: DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database
> verification failed
> [root at naugrim michael]# rpm --rebuilddb
> error: rpmdb: damaged header instance #357 retrieved, skipping.
> Segmentation fault
> Any ideas?

Well, this is linux.  You are not forced to do much of anything.  If you really like apt that much, you can always install it on madrake and forget about rpms.

Lost in Tokyo,

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