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[ale] OT: H1B

Maybe if these bozo companies were made to pay for the products/programs
via a tariff then this might change some of this crap.  This country
went without even an income tax system for the first 160 years as
everything imported was taxed as a means of the outside company paying
for access to our market.  We should bring that back.  

I am wondering just what we will do if one of these 3rd world countries
wound up in a major war like India and Pakistan almost have and still
may some day.  If they make all of our electronics and programs no one
here will be interested in learning how to program and there will be no
factories here to produce what we need.  Something tells me we could be
in heap big dodo.


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> If this 
> globalization thing is the wave of the future,
> how come it's one way 
> only? I live in North Carolina, which used to
> have a thriving textile 
> industry. A large part of that work went
> overseas a couple years back. 
> So now I, as a consumer, should benefit from
> that move, by getting 
> cheaper clothes, right? Heck, for what they pay
> the people making 
> shirts, I should get 'em for 5 or 6 bucks a
> piece. Unfortunately, that 
> isn't the case.

Until the CEO's and other corperate morons that are doing this
offshoring get
the clue, I am not sure what will happen.  Sure offshoring SHOULD make
it so
that we would only pay $6 for a sweatshop produced garment, but its not
way.  Why?  I bet its because the "upper management" that actually did
offshoring are getting a large cut of the "newly found profits".  Until
morons understand that if they keep doing this offshoring there will be
in the US that can afford these things (no jobs == no money) then we are
to be doomed I am afraid.

I think its a rather stupid mentality this "Lets get rid of our
expensive US
labour (in any industry) and replace it with cheap offshore labour, then
can reduce the price of our goods (a very little bit) and make things
affordable for our customers!"  And then the "customers" (who were
but the management is too stupid to realise this) go "Well we would buy
nice cheaply made products you are offering us now, but we have no
monies to
buy them with.  Remember you fired us all to make these things cheaper?"

I am no economist by any means, but this is what it looks like is
If it continues to happen, the big moronic companies will have all sorts
products being "MADE IN AMERICA"  (well atleast the company is
Yeah right) but no one in America will be able to afford them
This does not make any sense to me!

BTW, why is it legal for a company to be in America, sell to people and
companies in America, but have most if not all (anything over 50%) the
companies work done off shore (as is the case it seems in alot of these
off shore ventures) and yet not have to pay any import tarrifs such as a
forign company would?  I would concider a company forign if it did more
50% of its work offshore....  I think something is seriously wrong with


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