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[ale] cdrdao read/write???

I don't use cdrdao.  Are these audio or data?

I use cdparanoia to pull the goods off and cdrecord to create the new 
disk.  Here's a nice link for this kind of stuff:


Robert L. Harris wrote:
>   Trying to backup some of my CD's before my kids get to them.  
> I pop the CD in the drive execute "cdrdao read pic-cd.cue" and it 
> writes out my data.bin. 
> Pop in the blank and execute "cdrdao write pic-cd.cue" and it fails
> with:
> ERROR: pic-cd.cue:1: Illegal token: C
> Line 1 just says "CDROM"... 
> Is there a better way do do this?  I'd like to keep the critical images
> on the raid array where I can re-burn if needed.
> :wq!
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