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[ale] OT: H1B

Buy American goods (or what is left of them) and talk to your
congressmen. That is about all you can do.

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 09:46, ahuitzot at mindspring.com wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 04:06:33 -0500 Bob Evans <bobevans19 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> [snip]
> > If this 
> > globalization thing is the wave of the future,
> > how come it's one way 
> > only? I live in North Carolina, which used to
> > have a thriving textile 
> > industry. A large part of that work went
> > overseas a couple years back. 
> > So now I, as a consumer, should benefit from
> > that move, by getting 
> > cheaper clothes, right? Heck, for what they pay
> > the people making 
> > shirts, I should get 'em for 5 or 6 bucks a
> > piece. Unfortunately, that 
> > isn't the case.
> Until the CEO's and other corperate morons that are doing this offshoring get
> the clue, I am not sure what will happen.  Sure offshoring SHOULD make it so
> that we would only pay $6 for a sweatshop produced garment, but its not that
> way.  Why?  I bet its because the "upper management" that actually did the
> offshoring are getting a large cut of the "newly found profits".  Until these
> morons understand that if they keep doing this offshoring there will be noone
> in the US that can afford these things (no jobs == no money) then we are going
> to be doomed I am afraid.
> I think its a rather stupid mentality this "Lets get rid of our expensive US
> labour (in any industry) and replace it with cheap offshore labour, then we
> can reduce the price of our goods (a very little bit) and make things more
> affordable for our customers!"  And then the "customers" (who were employees,
> but the management is too stupid to realise this) go "Well we would buy these
> nice cheaply made products you are offering us now, but we have no monies to
> buy them with.  Remember you fired us all to make these things cheaper?"
> I am no economist by any means, but this is what it looks like is happening. 
> If it continues to happen, the big moronic companies will have all sorts of
> products being "MADE IN AMERICA"  (well atleast the company is American...
> Yeah right) but no one in America will be able to afford them anymore.... 
> This does not make any sense to me!
> BTW, why is it legal for a company to be in America, sell to people and
> companies in America, but have most if not all (anything over 50%) the
> companies work done off shore (as is the case it seems in alot of these new
> off shore ventures) and yet not have to pay any import tarrifs such as a
> forign company would?  I would concider a company forign if it did more then
> 50% of its work offshore....  I think something is seriously wrong with that
> picture...
> Mike
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