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[ale] ethernet switch doesn't work

"Joseph A. Knapka" wrote:

> What does "route -n" show when the switch is installed? How about
> without?

No difference.

> (I expect they will be identical, but it can't hurt to be sure.)
> What does "arp -n -a" show, with and without the switch installed?

Again, no difference.

> You might try installing "snort" <http://www.snort.org> on a machine
> connected to the switch and post the output of "snort -v -i eth0" while
> doing a ping through the switch. Do this after rebooting the machine.

It's not worth it, I'm taking it back to exchange.  If the second one
doesn't work, I'll return it for a refund.

I sent an email message to their support folks.  Received a response
telling me that my network must be configured wrong.  Also told me I
couldn't connect two PCs without a hub.  I returned email telling that
my network was configured properly and asked them what the purpose of
the switch was if I still needed a hub.  Whatever, lame email support. 
I called their 800 # and the guy there said to take it back, sounds like
it's defective.

> So:
> reboot
> % snort -v -i eth0 > snort.out 2>&1 &
> % ping <some other machine connected to the switch>
> <wait a few seconds>
> ^C
> % mail ale at ale.org < snort.out
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