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[ale] OT: SDRAM Memory

I figured with the people on this list, it would be a good place to start.
I have an old P120 box that I am looking to get a couple more months of
work out of, till I can save up and buy a new one(maybe end of summer),
anyway, right now it has 4 72pin slot and 2 DIMM slots, being a P120, i am
assuming(correct me if you think i am wrong) that i have a 66mhz bus, so 

1) hoping that somebody might have some old(ie non-PC100 or PC133) 64meg
DIMMs that would like to sell


2) Will PC100 memory work with this old a box? 


3) am I just confused, an you have a better suggestion(i am all ears).

Thanks in advance!


"Burn your tv in your yard, and gather round it with your friends,
and warm your hands upon the fire and start again" --Toad the Wet Sprocket

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