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[ale] OT: SDRAM Memory

On Mon, May 28, 2001 at 10:23:48AM -0600, Cade Thacker wrote:
> 1) hoping that somebody might have some old(ie non-PC100 or PC133) 64meg
>    DIMMs that would like to sell
> 2) Will PC100 memory work with this old a box? 
> 3) am I just confused, an you have a better suggestion(i am all ears).

Actually, there's a fourth possibility, which is the most likely -- that
board does not support SDRAM at all, and instead those DIMM slots are
meant for EDO DRAM.  

EDO DIMMs are pretty hard to come by (and co$t)...

Find out what the chipset on that board is (read off the big chips) and
we'll see what it'll support.

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