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[ale] Ramdisk Error on RH 7.1 Install

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Jeff Hubbs wrote:

> > The kernel compiler is called kgcc. It is a gcc-2.95. The gcc
> > is still the experimental 2.96 stuff of RH7.0 (in)fame(y).
> > It would probably be best to do a forced downgrade to the gcc from 6.2
> Okay...let me get this straight.
> If I install RH 7.1, I have to DOWNGRADE gcc?  Would that be "rpm -U
> --oldpackages egcs-1.1.2-xx.rpm" and "rpm -U --oldpackages
> gcc-2.95.1-xx.rpm"?

No.  Use the gcc which ships with RH 7.1 if you want to compile Linux 2.4
kernels.  Use the kgcc that ships with RH 7.1 if you want to compile Linux
2.2 kernels.

And ignore the Changes file -- its recommendations are out-of-date and I
haven't gotten a patch accepted for that yet (speaking as the Changes
maintainer-type person)

> After I do that, does that mean I can "make config;make;make install..." as
> per usual to compile the kernel and I'll be OK?
> Also, with all this compiler SNAFU, no one has addressed my more immediate
> problem of "Error Loading Ramdisk."  Has anyone else seen this problem when
> doing an FTP install of a recent RH?

Make a new bootnet disk.  Yours is bad (at least usually).


Chris Ricker                                               kaboom at gatech.edu
                                              chris.ricker at genetics.utah.edu

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