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[ale] Ramdisk Error on RH 7.1 Install

The message on the screen first says "Loading /mnt/runtime..." then "Loading
/mnt/runtime/ramdisk..."  That's when a new box appears over that one saying
"Error loading ramdisk.  Please restart your computer" or some such.  Trying
from virgin floppies sounds like a good idea, but by the time I get to the
error, the procedure has already started to
distribution...files...owner is root...mode...of 733 or less

- Jeff

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Correct on all the compiler stuff.

I have not done an ftp install of RH7.1 Try making new floppies. Check the
usuall spots for new floppy image updates. Did ther job die _making_ the
ramdisk, or after?

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Jeff Hubbs wrote:

> > The kernel compiler is called kgcc. It is a gcc-2.95. The gcc
> > is still the experimental 2.96 stuff of RH7.0 (in)fame(y).
> > It would probably be best to do a forced downgrade to the gcc from 6.2
> Okay...let me get this straight.
> If I install RH 7.1, I have to DOWNGRADE gcc?  Would that be "rpm -U
> --oldpackages egcs-1.1.2-xx.rpm" and "rpm -U --oldpackages
> gcc-2.95.1-xx.rpm"?
> After I do that, does that mean I can "make config;make;make install..."
> per usual to compile the kernel and I'll be OK?
> Also, with all this compiler SNAFU, no one has addressed my more immediate
> problem of "Error Loading Ramdisk."  Has anyone else seen this problem
> doing an FTP install of a recent RH?
> - Jeff
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