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[ale] GCC help

On Wed, 16 May 2001, James Kinney wrote:

> Are you using the RedHat 7.x gcc? You know the one that is a beta-test job
> that the gcc people say is not ready for any use. I ran into some compile
> problems and forced a downgrade (upgrade, really) to use gcc 2.95 and the
> compile time errors ceased.

Looks like this may be the correct solution; a couple of people suggested
this one.  A lot of tweaks to the code were also suggested, along with
someone spotting the infamous for(...;...;...); typo (the semincolon at
the end is the typo) whieh I would probably have discovered after it
finally compiled, but which I can now fix right away (thanks).

...so I will be "downgrading" GCC when I get a moment of peace to do so.

Thanks, everyone, for your replies.

glasher at nycap.rr.com
After 163 days, Verizon still couln't deliver Telocity DSL.

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