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[ale] OT: IPSEC

Hi everyone,

I've got Cisco SecureNet IPSEC client software (supplied by my
employer) set up on my NT laptop, so I can access the coporate
VPN. I'm trying to export the certificates so I can get my firewall
(an OpenBSD box) to handle the IPSEC bit and let me talk to the
corporate net from any machine on my home LAN.

The problem is, the IPSEC daemon on the OBSD box won't read the
certificate files exported from the SecureNet software. OBSD
wants the certificates in something called "PEM format"; I
have no idea in what format the Cisco software exports them.
Has anyone out there tried anything like this? (The OBSD isakmpd
chokes when opening the certificate files with "undefined error
0", which is less than helpful, to me anyway.) It looks as if
the files exported by the Cisco software are in some
proprietary format, so I imagine I need converter software,
but I haven't been able to track such down online.


-- Joe

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