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[ale] OT: IPSEC

Can't help much, but I do recognize the 'pem' format. It's the same
format used by BEA's Weblogic EJB server for it's security certificates.
That's the extent of my vast knowledge on the subject :-)


"Joseph A. Knapka" wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've got Cisco SecureNet IPSEC client software (supplied by my
> employer) set up on my NT laptop, so I can access the coporate
> VPN. I'm trying to export the certificates so I can get my firewall
> (an OpenBSD box) to handle the IPSEC bit and let me talk to the
> corporate net from any machine on my home LAN.
> The problem is, the IPSEC daemon on the OBSD box won't read the
> certificate files exported from the SecureNet software. OBSD
> wants the certificates in something called "PEM format"; I
> have no idea in what format the Cisco software exports them.
> Has anyone out there tried anything like this? (The OBSD isakmpd
> chokes when opening the certificate files with "undefined error
> 0", which is less than helpful, to me anyway.) It looks as if
> the files exported by the Cisco software are in some
> proprietary format, so I imagine I need converter software,
> but I haven't been able to track such down online.
> Thanks,
> -- Joe
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