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[ale] hex

On Fri, 11 May 2001 16:41:49 Stephen Turner wrote:
> well then, how do people program in machine language?
> i want to make REALLY tiny programs and if i use c c++
> or similar there will allways be unneeded code there
> from where it has to be compatible with many different
> instances... 

Absolutely true - that's one reason "hello world" in C is 11,000+ bytes. 

> my understanding is when its compiled it
> has stuff it may never use cause it was not needed to
> run the program. i want to write stuff for bios, boot
> records, and programs that are tiny so they execute
> faster not to mention its good practice :) 

> your telling me i cant edit notepad? 

Of course you can edit Notepad. Go right ahead.

> why do programs cease
> to work if you change the overall size of them in a
> hex editor? im here to learn! feed my hunger! hehhee 

The best way to learn is by experimenting. Use your hex 
editor on Outlook Express and let us know how it turns 


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