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[ale] Can't get above 8bpp in RedHat 5.2

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Benjamin Scherrey wrote:

> I've got two boxes running RedHat 5.2. Both have different video boards
> (which are supported by X) yet none will run X over 8 bits per pixel. I
> try the startx --bpp 16 and it just seems it ignore it. I honestly can't
	Try xinit -bpp 16. "startx" is just a shell script which
essentially calls xinit. If all else fails, try "X -bpp 16". See also
the man page for "XFree86".

> Additionally <ctrl><alt>+ doesn't cycle the video modes either which is
> something that I know used to work on one of the boxes.
	This is an option which you can set in your XF86Config file. I
think XF86Setup gives you a checkbox to enable/disable this feature. Take
a look at the "DontZoom" option within the man page for "XF86Config".

								- Mike
Michael Kachline - CS, Georgia Tech
kachline at cc.gatech.edu