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[ale] Printer problems

With the message "printing is disabled", I'd try something like:

	/usr/sbin/lpc up aerolas1

-- Paul

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Jeffery B Layton wrote:

}   I posted a letter about a week ago about problems I was having
}connecting my HP 5M laser to my Linux Box (Redhat 5.2). I received
}several suggestions about how to track down the problem. Well, I
}can't seem to figure this one out.
}   Here is some script output from a lpd and lpc command:
}[laytonj at eagle1 laytonj]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/lpd restart
}Shutting down lpd: lpd
}Starting lpd: lpd
}[laytonj at eagle1 laytonj]# /usr/sbin/lpc status
}        queuing is enabled
}        printing is disabled
}        no entries
}        no daemon present
}[laytonj at eagle1 laytonj]# lpq -Paerolas
}lpq: aerolas: unknown printer
}[laytonj at eagle1 laytonj]# lpq -Paerolas1
}Warning: aerolas1 is down: aerolas1 is ready and printing
}no entries
}[laytonj at eagle1 laytonj]#
}I can't seem to print anything! I set this up using printtool
}when I logged in as root. (Oops, notice the typo half way down
}when I type "aerolas" instead of "aerolas1".
}   I checkd the system logs and nothing showed up when I performed
}these commands. Any thoughts?
}Jeff Layton
}g593851 at fs1.mar.lmco.com
}laytonjb at mindspring.com