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[ale] Can't get above 8bpp in RedHat 5.2

I've got two boxes running RedHat 5.2. Both have different video boards
(which are supported by X) yet none will run X over 8 bits per pixel. I
try the startx --bpp 16 and it just seems it ignore it. I honestly can't
recall ever running over 8 bpp prior to this cause I never tried but the
docs seem wrong or I'm broke. Both XF86Config files are setup correctly
but the thing doesn't even try. One card has 2MB and the other has 4MB
of RAM and I've run Windows on them with high resolution/colour before.
Additionally <ctrl><alt>+ doesn't cycle the video modes either which is
something that I know used to work on one of the boxes.

    thanx & later,

        Ben Scherrey