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[6bone] Neustar returns 3FFE:B80:FBE::/48

On Oct 10, 2005, at 20:31, Kevin Loch wrote:
>> And at the rate my employer's dealing with the legalese for a  
>> "real"  allocation, that might almost be enough...
> Were you turned down by ARIN?  The requirements are very simple,
> just know the correct answers to four trick questions:

No, we haven't gotten that far.  I think it's a question of having  
lawyers review some terms that someone had expressed some concerns  
over, and the blocking factor that it's not high enough on the  
priority list compared to a large pile of other things that have to  
be taken to the lawyers.  (Which reminds me, it's about time for me  
to ping again the guy whose job it would be to ping the lawyers....)

>> Is anyone else besides MIT still trying to use prefixes from the  
>> now- defunct MERIT block 3ffe:1c00::/24?  We've got route  
>> advertisements  for 3ffe:1ce1::/16 going out through one other  
>> tunnel, but they don't  seem to be getting very far. :-(
> did you mean 3ffe:1ce1::/48?  You might ask your upstream(s)
> if they are filtering it.  I don't see anything from 3ffe:1c00::/24
> in my tables, nor does the sixxs looking glass.

Um, right, not /16.  Actually, I think ours is a /32.  Our only  
currently working upstream is VBNS, and last I checked, they weren't  
filtering it.  But even then I don't think it was getting to any  
looking glass I could find.

> Each network has it's own policy on what it accepts.  Some don't  
> accept
> any routes from 3ff3::/16 space.    Most of the networks we peer with
> seem to accept anything down to /48 though at least one only accepts
> /24|/28|/32 in 3ffe::/16 depending on the range.

Hm, that's annoying.  Not too surprising, though.  And no one's  
currently advertising the MERIT /24 block, I would assume.

>   I can set up
> a tunnel session for you if you want to see how far it gets through
> us.  Of course I can also assign you a /48 from our space  
> (2001:4810::/32) and you can see how far that goes through
> your other connections.

Thanks, I think that might help...