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[6bone] Neustar returns 3FFE:B80:FBE::/48

On Mon, 2005-10-10 at 14:24 -0400, Williams, Marc wrote:
> Neustar hereby returns 3FFE:B80:FBE::/48, thank you.

How cool it might be and a good gesture, as the 6bone never passed
out /48's, as can be seen on http://www.6bone.net/6bone_pTLA_list.html
you can't unfortunately return it to 6bone. Your /48 comes from the /24
from VIAGENIE, to which you can return it as they 'own' the block.
I've CC'd Florent Parent who you can return the block to.

Btw, for people who do have TLA's assigned and are using them, you have
about 8 months left to stop using them completely...

Folks still using 6bone space can be found here:

Todays score:
The database currently holds 144 IPv6 DFP's.
Of which 30 (20.83%) are returned to the pool, 28 (19.44%) IPv6 DFP's
didn't have a routing entry.
Thus 86 (59.72%) networks are currently announced.

Bob, can I mark those 'unrouted' entries as being returned? Although
these folks never let something hear from them that they actually did?
Most of them have not been announced for the last couple of months...

Folks who still are announcing these blocks are urged to return them as
soon as possible or at least set a dead line for their users around may.
Notify them beforehand, you know that 6/6/6 is the end of 6bone and you
have ample enough time to arrange alternate setups for your users.

Still 8 months too go....


[PS: TLA holders agreed that they read this list, so they are already
aware of this for a couple of months now, thus don't claim you didn't
know... ]

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