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[6bone] Neustar returns 3FFE:B80:FBE::/48

Ken Raeburn wrote:

>>Btw, for people who do have TLA's assigned and are using them, you  
>>about 8 months left to stop using them completely...
> And at the rate my employer's dealing with the legalese for a "real"  
> allocation, that might almost be enough...

Were you turned down by ARIN?  The requirements are very simple,
just know the correct answers to four trick questions:

 > Initial allocation criteria
 >  To qualify for an initial allocation of IPv6 address space, an
 >  organization must:
 >    a) be an LIR;

If you are going to be assigning /48's to downstream customers you
will be an LIR.

 >    b) not be an end site;

If you are going to be aggregating traffic from downstream customers
(end sites) you will not be an end site.  Note that the definition
of end site in the policy does not mean "physical location" it's
a topological/business relationship definition.

 >    c) plan to provide IPv6 connectivity to organizations to which it
 >       will assign /48s, by advertising that connectivity through its
 >       single aggregated address allocation; and

see b)

 >    d) be an existing, known ISP in the ARIN region or have a plan for
 >       making at least 200 /48 assignments to other organizations
 >       within
 >       five years.

One could argue that a university is already an existing known
ISP but I'm sure you have business relationships with 200 customers
that you could plan to assign /48's to.  I would think that tunnels
to faculty or student off campus residences would be a good place to 
start.  Note that you cannot assign /48's to departments since those
are still (usually) a part of the same legal entity.  Students and
faculty are of course separate legal entities and can be assigned a /48
though I don't know of anyone planning to assign /48's to students
in dorm rooms.

Of course under the current policy you can use a /48 per "location"
for your own network.  I would consider a contiguous campus one
location but YMMV.

> Is anyone else besides MIT still trying to use prefixes from the now- 
> defunct MERIT block 3ffe:1c00::/24?  We've got route advertisements  
> for 3ffe:1ce1::/16 going out through one other tunnel, but they don't  
> seem to be getting very far. :-(

did you mean 3ffe:1ce1::/48?  You might ask your upstream(s)
if they are filtering it.  I don't see anything from 3ffe:1c00::/24
in my tables, nor does the sixxs looking glass.

Each network has it's own policy on what it accepts.  Some don't accept
any routes from 3ff3::/16 space.    Most of the networks we peer with
seem to accept anything down to /48 though at least one only accepts
/24|/28|/32 in 3ffe::/16 depending on the range.  I can set up
a tunnel session for you if you want to see how far it gets through
us.  Of course I can also assign you a /48 from our space 
(2001:4810::/32) and you can see how far that goes through
your other connections.

- Kevin