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how to configure for IPv4 and IPv6 in BIND9.1.3?

killyeon kim <[email protected]> wrote:

> I want to set bind9.1.3 to support IPv4 and IPv6.
> Should I give the different domains for IPv4 hosts and IPv6 hosts?
Nopes unless you really want that.
It's all administrative alike and the admin of a zone may put (almost :)
anything in their zones and structure them in any way the want to.

Personally I used to have a separate ipv6.<bla>.<tld> too but I
currently only use that for software not being able to specifically
request the use of IPv6, or ipv4.<bla>.<bla> for IPv4 ofcourse :).

> How shoud I configure the "named.conf" to support IPv4 and IPv6 at the
same time?
> I don't know what's wrong in my named.conf.
> The following is part of my configuration.
> =======
> zone "galaxy.pusan.ac.kr" {
>     type master;
>     file "galaxy.zone";
> };
> zone "v6.galaxy.pusan.ac.kr" {
>      type master;
>      file "v6.galaxy.zone";
> };
> =========
> And I put A records for IPv4 hosts in galaxy.zone, and
> AAAA records for IPv6 hosts in v6.galaxy.zone. Then,
> IPv4 hosts and IPv6 hosts have the same domain or not?
You can easily have in the v6.galaxy:
host-one A
         AAAA 3ffe:1234:5678::xxx:xxx
         A6 mychain ::xxx:xxx
Which will give the host IPv4 (A) and IPv6 (AAAA and/or A6) addresses.
And wether you want to make a separate ipv6.<dom>.<tld> zone is entirely
up to you.

> The name server works well for IPv4 host and IPv6
> reverse zone, but it can't work for IPv6 forward zone.
reverse is just PTR :)

> And if I want to set a bind9 dns server authoritative
> for more than one domain, how should I do?
Make multiple zones and add those to the

> Please attach me named.conf and zone files if you have ones.
> Thanks a lot.
It's probably best if you read
http://www.crt.se/dnssec/bind9/Bv9ARM.ch04.html#AEN980 - IPv6 support in
Bind9, which also covers IPv6 on bind8 for most parts, though afaik
bind8 doesn't support all RR's.
The rest of that document (http://www.crt.se/dnssec/bind9/) will nicely
show you how the rest is done.