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[[email protected]: Service Request Number: 1-UX4DN]

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, Todd T. Fries wrote:

> It makes perfect sense to do this.  Please explain if I'm missing something,
> but the current strategy for resolving a domain is to try the first dns
> server, and if that doesn't work, the next, etc.

Network Solution's problem may very well be in their database being unable
to store anything other than an IPv4 address in the Host record at the
present time.

> will come for that, it is not yet here.  But the time has come and
> past to be able to register an ipv6 dns server.  Case in point that
> this works, ip6.int:

The nameservers for ip6.int's parent domain, 'int', are not under the
control of NSI, hence these nameservers can delegate 'ip6.int' to (at
least one) IPv6-only nameserver(s).

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