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how to configure for IPv4 and IPv6 in BIND9.1.3?


I want to set bind9.1.3 to support IPv4 and IPv6.
Should I give the different domains for IPv4 hosts and
IPv6 hosts?
How shoud I configure the "named.conf" to support IPv4
and IPv6 at the same time?
I don't know what's wrong in my named.conf.
The following is part of my configuration.
zone "galaxy.pusan.ac.kr" {
    type master;
    file "galaxy.zone";

zone "v6.galaxy.pusan.ac.kr" {
     type master;
     file "v6.galaxy.zone";

And I put A records for IPv4 hosts in galaxy.zone, and
AAAA records for IPv6 hosts in v6.galaxy.zone. Then,
IPv4 hosts and IPv6 hosts have the same domain or not?
The name server works well for IPv4 host and IPv6
reverse zone, but it can't work for IPv6 forward zone.

And if I want to set a bind9 dns server authoritative
for more than one domain, how should I do?

Please attach me named.conf and zone files if you have
Thanks a lot.

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