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IPv6/ATM - how?

Which protocol (MPOA, LANE, IPv4/CLIP, ...) is normally used on IPv6 ATM point
to point links?

In Cisco Commands.txt.19991126 file I see such example

        int atm1/0
          atm pvc 1 <VPI> <VCI> aal5snap
          map-group foo

        map-list foo
          ipv6 5F00:6D00::5 atm-vc 1

In TEN-155 Telebit router configuration
there are entries like

   ip access ACOnet -local 3ffe:8038:80:1::1 -peer 3ffe:8038:80:1::2 -mtu 9180
   ip atunnel -encapsulation 2 -vci 99
   ip bgp -peer 3ffe:8038:80:1::2 -ipv6 -rfc2283 1
   start bgp

What is 'atunnel'?

I plan to run long distance IPv6/ATM and I wonder what is the most appropriate
protocol. It could be e.g. Linux-Telebit or Linux-Cisco connection so
interoperabity is important. Now I see tunneling IPv6/IPv4/CLIP as the only
alternative. RFC 2492 seems to be something what could be used instead of
tunneling, kind of IPv6 CLIP but it is not implemented on Linux. Running long
distance LANE can be administratively difficult for us. I still do not
understand MPOA enough to know if it could an option here.

Please correct my mistakes, share your wisdom.

W iskier krzesaniu ¿ywem/Materia³ to rzecz g³ówna