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Internet Protocol Version 6 Workshop

Jeff Williams <[email protected]> writes:

>   A little over a year ago, there was some heated debate (I was
> involved) regarding the Privacy concerns with IPv6.  Most of this
> is do to two problems.  One being the "Autoconfig" for implementation
> specification for IPv6, the other is the "Always On" feature of IPv6.
> The implementation (Autoconfig as default) was and remains that
> biggest problem with respect to Privacy issues.  (Autoconfig) should
> not be default was my argument for implementation.  I also suggested
> several changes to the Spec for Autoconfig for consideration.  But
> the majority of the group felt that being able to track folks easily
> was more important.  I found this astounding.

This characterization of past IPng WG discussions is most definitely
false and at best a gross distortion of past discussions. At no time
that I can recall has the WG ever argued that "tracking folks" is a
desirable goal.  It is also completely inconsistent with the WG's
recent decision to recommend that the IESG publish
draft-ietf-ipngwg-addrconf-privacy-03.txt as a Proposed Standard.